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We recently watched Cyrus, with John C. Reilly and Marisa Tomei.  All I can say is that it was one of the most beautiful and heartfelt and humorous films I have seen in a very long time.  You should take some time and watch.  I loved Marisa Tomei's hair so much!  She had such gorgeous brown curls...I love natural, out of control hair.

I'm feeling some post-holiday blues today...Monday, back to work, realizing I have just eaten my own weight in the most unhealthy but so delicious foods.
Landon and I are getting back into our gym routine and healthy eating tomorrow and I'm craving the warm feeling of a good workout and some fresh veggies.  We are so excited for this new year though...so many wonderful opportunities coming up.

I hope getting back into your own routine won't be too hard, and you can relax and enjoy this gorgeous start of January!


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