I'll take a kiss...

Thanks to Ancestry.com, we found out that I have a bit of Irish blood in me...maybe that's where the temper comes from?? :)
I like to think Landon's irish because of his hair.  I'm sure he would be a big hit at Claddagh's pub if we went tonight.  We'll see what we're up for after late nights of work.
But I will take a kiss from my love...there's never a question about that.

Kiss someone you love today...



Krystal said...

Cute =) happy st. patty's day!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

awe, this is such a sweet photo of you two! the boyf's mom did ancestry.com for me and traced the fams way back. it's pretty cool, even old ship rosters from travels back in the 1800's- crazytown!

hope you guys had a fun time enjoying your heritage celebrations - haha

i totally got pinched for not wearing green on the 17th. those rowdy peeps at the pub had their green beer goggles on and had it in for me ; )


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