Monday monday...

Finn was so precious during his bath time last night, I couldn't help but take some pictures.  I can't wait to put all these pictures I've been taking of his first year onto a disc and save for him when he gets older.  Why are babies so cute?  Is it that they're little miniature people, or fat and chubby, or that they giggle?  Who knows, but I love interacting with Finn.

This week, I'm starting Project Simplify which I mentioned in this post.  It's going to feel so good to declutter this month and get rid of unnecessary things!  Landon and I have been talking lately about having very little in the way of "things" so we can be mobile and ready to travel and move around if we want...which we do. :) Plus, my mom always says it's easier to keep your house clean if there aren't very many things to maintain.  So true!

After a rough week last week, I'm looking forward to this week.  My attitude constantly needs adjusting as there are so many little things that can be frustrating about having a little baby.  I think that I must be needing a good lesson in patience, because I'm continually being challenged in this area.  Oh life.

Tonight, we're having homemade chicken soup since we're all feeling a bit drained and somewhat stuffy, and I'm so excited to go to the library to pick up this book.  I've heard that it's like a Coen Brothers' movie in a book form.  I'm all ready for a good read.

Have a great monday!

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Anonymous said...

Dan + I are striving to keep things simply from the start. I"m happy with how we've done so far!

also, praying your week goes better than last... I have such respect for young moms, and I don't even know the half of how tiring it can be :)


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