Today I am thankful for...

*My dearest and best friend and love, Landon.  He is always so patient and genuine.

*Good friends. We had small group last night, and I just love the fellowship we have with these amazing couples.  We're living life out together and it is so refreshing to talk and share with everyone.

*Warm weather.  Finn and I are taking a walk in this glorious spring weather today.  I'm done with the winter grays and blues, and ready for the awakening of spring with the greens and fresh air.

*Sleep.  Finn slept 8 hours two nights in a row and I feel like a new person!

*All that we call life.  The little moments, the loving looks, the quick embraces, the laughs, and the hardships that make us stronger.

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Michelle said...

I love this! It's been a rough week, so I've really been trying to focus on things I'm thankful for. And it's warm here too! Makes me want to sit outside and drink a smoothie or something :)


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