Project Simplify: Kid's Room

Well I finished organizing and decluttering Finn's room today and I feel so much better!  Everything is clean and in it's own place, and I got to get rid of a few things too.  If you remember, I am participating in this challenge over at Simple Mom.  It was nice knowing hundreds of others were cleaning and organizing this week just like I was.

I was a dunce and forgot that my card was in the card reader when I took before pictures of Finn's room.  Believe me, things were in disarray and it didn't look good. :)

But here are the after pictures.  We don't like a lot of things in our home, so Finn's room was pretty simple to start with.  It's funny how fast things get out of order, even with few things.  Baby clothes are ridiculously hard to keep organized I think!

This can get really messy, so I went through and sorted all his clothes he's grown out of *sniffle* and organized these by outfit type.  All the clothes are on the right and all the "other" things are on the left, like extra diaper inserts, burp cloths, and bibs.

The top of this organizer was out of control.  I took out all the toys and teethers, cleaned it up and left the items I use every day on the left and all his socks and hats on the right.

His "changing" table is a repurposed shelving unit, but it works great for us.  I store all his folded and ready fuzzibunz on the front top shelf, with the disposables in the back, and extra wipes and rarely used items on the bottom.

The bookshelf is small, but gets out of order quickly.  I went through and decided to keep all of these since they all are meaningful and we'll use them a lot.  We don't have a ton of space in our home, so the closet in Finn's room is for our extra storage.  I keep my craft bins in there, so the sewing machine stays in his room as it's the most practical place right now.

I added all the toys Finn didn't have on his play mat into the basket with his stuffed friends.  I use an old crate from college for his dirty clothes.  A fabric liner for the crate is on my to-do list.

And there you have it!  I pulled all the furniture out from the walls, vacuumed the floors, and dusted.  It feels great to walk in and see everything so neat and orderly!  I can actually find the outfits I need for Finn now instead of digging through and messing it all up.

I'm pumped up and ready for next week's challenge - kitchen and pantry.  That one needs it bad!

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Tonight, Landon and I are going to see The Head and The Heart in concert!  Can't wait!

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