chocolate donuts...


A few weekends ago, Landon made these delicious donuts for us to enjoy.  He made them the same way as we did here, but did a wonderful chocolate icing glaze instead of plain or cinnamon and sugar.

Easy and quick to make at home, you should try them!

They were gone too quickly, and I am in the mood for some right now.  Ahhh, we are still working on our slow carb diet thingy, so we can't have sweets until Saturday.  Looking at pictures of food I want sort of helps during the week, but eating them is waaayy better.  Come quickly, weekend.  It's funny though, this is our third week trying this diet out, and our sugar cravings have gone down quite a bit.  The first week was rough, the second easier, and the third is not too bad.  Mind you, we've failed a few times and eaten something we shouldn't have, but overall, I've been very proud of our efforts.  I'll do a post once we're done with the diet...which is February 6th! So close...

Meanwhile, you can find me gazing at pictures of perfectly prepare desserts on Pinterest, finding a slow carb menu option we haven't tried yet, or filling up my water bottle for the 5th time in the day.

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