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Wednesdays are my busy days; Finn and I have the car and I go to Bible study then run errands, Finn takes one nap, and we pick up Landon after work.  I try not to look too frazzled on days like today, but it's hard sometimes.  Thankfully, I got some new earrings that really spruce up any look...like roll out of bed, throw my hair in a bun and slap on a little eye makeup look.  I'm getting better at accessorizing, because I'm terrible at it, and things like earrings really help.  I got them at Khol's on sale, plus a coupon...boosh.

This week has been crazy period.  Landon and I decided to stay in Indy for another year, then revisit that decision next year.  We have been contemplating moving out of state for awhile and see ourselves living somewhere else in the future.  However, with timing of a few things, we thought it best to stay a bit longer here and take this next year to really figure out what our future may look like afterwards.  So, we may be staying in our condo, or we might move within the city elsewhere, and these past few weeks have been figuring that out.  Basically, we're waiting on two people to get back with us before we know for sure.  And it's hard to wait.  I love to plan, and I want to know way ahead of time what the plan will be.

Since we may or may not be moving in the next month, and we are busy every weekend in February (best month of the year!!), I will not be posting as frequently...as you have seen already.  But, I'll try to stay in the loop!

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stace said...

Cute! I sometimes wish that I still had my ears pierced, because earrings like this are adorable!! And, you're right, they totally dress you up quickly!


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