diy pallet coffee table...

We have wanted a coffee table ever since we moved into our second apartment as a married couple.  Landon is so great at reminding me to be patient in furnishing our spaces.  Our generation seems to expect a whole lot more than what even our parents had in the first years of marriage, and it's been really good taking things slow and as we can afford them.  We have become somewhat picky about what we bring into our home ever since we started simplifying our belongings.  But we really wanted a coffee table...I just feel like a coffee table makes hosting and fellowship in the home so much more comfortable.

After finding some inspiration on pinterest, we decided to do our own version using wood pallets.  I found some on craigslist and a hardware store for free, and Landon designed the table...and all the rest. :)  He absolutely loves getting to work with his hands on projects like this, and frankly, having a baby makes it hard for me to help him.  He finished it up yesterday, and we were able to use it for the first time when we had our small group over for supper.  We love it!  Finn loves it too, as it's the perfect height to stand at and walk around.  Landon used the same stain that he did our dining room chairs, so the wood matches really well, not that I care too much.  It helps the rooms flow together though.

So, come on over for game nights, and appetizers, and craft projects!  We've got a sweet table to center around now. :)






Kate Harvey said...

Your husband did a great job! I love it. My husband and I try to also remind ourselves to furnish our home slowly and carefully. We are not the kind of people to go to Ikea and get everything we need at once just to fill the space. So much more fun to acquire/make/save up....well done!

Bon Bon said...

VERY cool! I've been looking at doing something similar to this. Just can't quite make up my mind though:-) xoxo

stace said...

What an awesome idea! It looks great and the stain color is perfect! We've been in the same apartment for 4 years now and every 6 months or so, I feel like we need to rearrange everything and buy new furniture. Hehe. Our living room is pretty small, so we just have a cute, round ottoman with a serving tray on top, and that works as our "coffee table" right now. I might steal this idea when we move to a bigger place this summer! I love it!


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