summer feet...

My feet having been loving all this warm weather we've been having.  It's summa time!!

Here are some of my summer feet tips to ensure your tootsies have a good summer just like you:

*Pick a fun nail color...branch out from your go-to selection and try something new.  I would normally stick with neutrals or pinks on my toes, but I found this great aqua color today and I love it.

*Give yourself a foot massage, or have a buddy give you one.  I always tend to focus on my neck or shoulders when I feel like a massage would help, and I forget about my feet.  I love to sit cross-legged on the floor and massage my top foot, and flexing my ankle to help release the built up tension.

*Balance on one foot.  Not kidding!  Yoga has taught me that standing on one foot during balance moves can help tone and strengthen, and make your feet feel great.  My favorite balance pose is tree pose.

*Stick those feet up!  Another great pose in yoga that rejuvenates the feet is legs up the wall pose.  It's a great way to relax as well.

*Wear comfy shoes.  I love my Sanuk flip flops...they are so soft and supportive while keeping my feet cool in the hot weather.

*Moisturize.  I always pay attention to my face, and hands, but I forget about moisturizing my feet.  I love using coconut oil for my all over moisturizer.  You can get it at your local health food store.  Just scoop some out and rub it in (maybe while you give yourself that foot massage!)  Coconut oil is really great for your body, and it gets deep down into the layers of your skin rather than sitting on the surface.

*Exfoliate those heels.  Mine get dry if I forget to exfoliate, and I love using my pumice stone to gently rub the bottoms of my feet.  You can also use a mixture of brown sugar and olive oil to scrub as well.

I hope you have a great start of your summer, and your feet enjoy a little pampering!

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